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Project Superintendent - Charleston, SC

The Project Superintendent’s responsibility includes managing the overall day-to-day supervision of field related construction activities for the project. Responsibilities include: implementation and enforcement of safety policies, directing craft personnel and subcontractors; scheduling and sequencing the day to day activities of work; overseeing individual projects to assure compliance with the scope and quality as established by the contract documents; proactively anticipating and solving problems that could delay construction; promoting and instilling BLHI’s values into the workforce; managing the permit and inspection process, physically inspecting projects to monitor progress and compliance with project standards; maintaining QC/QA files and updating as-built drawings; and assist in regularly scheduled progress meetings.

Location City
State or Region
South Carolina
United States
  • Must be able to manage employees and have strong leadership skills
  • Must have experience in general contracting (concrete, steel erection, light gage metal framing, interior & exterior finishes, and display advanced MEPF systems)
  • Must have thorough knowledge of OSHA's requirements for construction safety and have attended an OSHA 10 hour certification in the last five years
  • Must be able to read and decipher construction documents
  • Must be able to identify quality workmanship as it relates to building codes, industry standards, and contract documents
  • Must be able to produce, maintain, and direct the project schedule
  Job Duties & Responsibilities:
  • Ensuring that all projects are performed in accordance with contractual and quality standards and up to code
  • Scheduling and directing the daily activities of work and taking necessary action to assure that the project objectives of cleanliness, safety, price, schedule, quality and process are met
  • Development, procurement, and enforcement of safety policies and procedures
  • Maintaining daily paperwork such as timecards, field reports, schedule updates and E-mail correspondence to keep the various people involved with the project informed of important issues
  • Implementing incremental project schedules that make sure upcoming events are on track and are being proactively attended to
  • Promoting and maintaining a culture that supports our corporate principles
  • Conducting and/or attending pre-construction, progress and other project and staff meetings
  • Monitor staffing needs, evaluate performance, and address employee relation issues as warranted for field staff
Qualifications and Experience:
  • 5 years’ experience as a project superintendent with 15 years of total construction experience
  • Experience in construction management, commercial/hospitality, buildings and infrastructure
  • Degree in Construction Management, engineering, or comparable degree
  • Experience managing project budgets, developing and maintaining schedules, and owner relationships
  • Excellent organizational, interpersonal and communication skills
  • Must be open to relocation
Job Group