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BL Harbert International Marks Construction Milestone on Dynetics Electronic Assembly Facility

BL Harbert International recently joined Dynetics to mark a milestone on the new Dynetics Electronic Assembly Facility in Huntsville, Alabama.

The 68,000-square-foot facility will be comprised of laboratory and warehouse spaces, as well as offices. BL Harbert self-performed the tilt-up concrete, concrete flatwork and foundations. A concrete blade, reminiscent of an airplane or rocket stabilizer, at the entrance of the facility was the last major concrete placement completed.

During the milestone luncheon, the blade was revealed to the on-site workforce and the executives of the Dynetics team. With almost 100 workers currently on site and more than 24,000 man-hours performed, the project has had zero recordable injuries.

“Today would not be possible without the hard work and dedication of our team. They have overcome a rainy season and worked diligently to make up for lost time,” said Parker Evans, Project Executive.

BL Harbert and Dynetics have a long history working together on notable projects, such as the Corporate Headquarters, the Solutions Complex, and a recently-completed Test Stand, among others. BL Harbert is currently working on an addition to the existing Research and Development Facility and the Hardware Integration Facility.

“We have a true partnership with Dynetics and are looking forward to the successful completion of this project in 2019,” said Evans.

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