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We Invite You to BL Harbert's Blog :: Perspective

Perspective. It can be considered the most unique and powerful qualities of a person. Some passionately share a point of view, and some sit back to hear everything play out. Here, at BL Harbert, we value our employee perspectives. It’s what makes us unique, diverse and successful. Our perspectives make us who we are.

Therefore, as we gear up for 2017, we want to welcome you to BL Harbert’s newest initiative, Perspective.

Perspective is a collaborative, idea sharing forum, hosted right here, on our website.

As we say, we build anything, anywhere. Therefore, we have many stories to share, along with our valued expertise of the construction business.

Join us as we discover and share knowledge about who we are and what we do best – building. The blog will be exploring industry topics, such as economic forecasting, green building and the evolution of the facilities we are constructing. We will take you behind the scenes, meet executives and showcase human interest stories. Our clients will talk back, and our partners will come forward.

Perspective is all about what you make it. The wide-variety of topics on the blog will keep you wanting more. Our mission is to give you value information from across the board. Whether hearing from our industry experts in design budgeting, or hearing from our client whose business has soared since building a new facility, the perspectives are endless; the topics are intriguing. No noise, no fluff, just information we want to share with people who want read it.

We invite you to share your #perspective with us.

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