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Project In the News: GE Aviation’s Auburn plant ships 100,000th 3-D printed fuel nozzle

The GE Aviation additive manufacturing center in Auburn has achieved a major milestone — it shipped the 100,000th fuel nozzle tip grown on sophisticated 3-D printers at a plant that is pioneering new technologies for producing jet engine components.

The Auburn site began producing fuel nozzles in 2015 and was the industry’s first mass manufacturing site for producing aircraft engine parts using additive manufacturing.

“As GE grows the number of jet engine parts made with additive manufacturing methods, we expect to continue to advance our manufacturing capabilities right here in Auburn,” said Andrea McAllister, plant leader for GE Aviation Auburn.

“We encourage those interested in helping build the future of flight with innovative technologies to join the GE Aviation team.”

Eric Gatlin, general manager of additive manufacturing for GE Aviation, added “there is a bright and exciting future for this technology.”

Governor Kay Ivey applauded the achievement at the Alabama plant.

“The remarkable milestone reached at GE Aviation’s Auburn facility isn’t just about producing 100,000 fuel nozzle tips — it also shows that Alabama workers are at the forefront of additive technologies revolutionizing manufacturing through next-level innovation,” Governor Ivey said.

“This is an exciting development, and I look forward to seeing what GE Aviation and its Alabama workforce will be able to achieve in the future,” she added.

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