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Technology in Construction: Drones

In 2016, BL Harbert’s jobsites around the globe began using drones. They are an invaluable tool that allows project managers to quickly conduct jobsite inspections without having to walk the entire premises. They can also be used to monitor workers throughout the day to ensure worker safety with real-time footage. These insights allow our team to monitor and catch issues early  —  helping us keep the project on-track and avoid cost overruns.

One of the most common uses of drones is to take photos of jobsites as work progresses to keep everyone informed of the changing work conditions and daily progress. This is wonderful for our clients as we are able to provide visual data on the progress of a construction project, allowing them to see visual updates on how things are proceeding. This saves clients time and money from spending countless hours walking a site to see regular progress.


*This is part of an on-going series celebrating the advancements of Technology in Construction as part of our 20th Anniversary celebration. Check back next week for our next installment on Tablets and smartphones in the field.

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