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Technology in Construction: Robotic Survey Equipment

Roughly introduced in 2003-2004, the earlier models for robotic total stations helped land surveyors and site contractors quickly layout large plots and roadways. Today, we are able to accurately place critical items with tight tolerances such as building lines, anchor bolts, machinery, etc.

Not only have they greatly reduced errors in layout and placement, but they have also reduced the crew size needed for the layout of construction projects, which in a tight labor market is a good thing.

Most systems have the ability to communicate with CAD software, which reduces field calculation errors, and several systems have the ability for 3-dimensional modeling, allowing field engineers to see the building as a whole instead of a flat floor plan. Additionally, they allow us to perform building scans 3-dimensionally that helps in remodeling projects and as-built conditions.

*This is part of an on-going series celebrating the advancements of Technology in Construction as part of our 20th Anniversary celebration. Check back next week for our next installment on advancements in concrete mixtures.

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