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The Western Gateway Rotary Trail Sign

On Wednesday, April 6, the Rotary Club and BL Harbert International welcomed the public to the dedication and lighting of the much-anticipated greenway through downtown Birmingham, The Rotary Trail.  The trail is considered an extension of railroad park and is the centennial project for the Rotary Club.
The iconic western gateway’s Rotary Trail sign was a gift made possible by BL Harbert International.

 As a sign of an enduring commitment to our community, the Western Gateway of the Rotary Trail is a gift from BL Harbert International, in honor of the citizens of Birmingham, Alabama.

The design of the gateway is a tribute to the iconic Magic City sign, which once stood outside Terminal Station in downtown Birmingham.

In conjunction with BL Harbert International, O’Neal Steel provided the steel, which was fabricated by Daniel Iron. Fravert Services fabricated its letters.

“The Harbert Construction companies have called Birmingham home since 1949. We have had a long and storied association with the Birmingham Rotary Club,” Stated Jim Rein, former president of BL Harbert International. “That being said, the construction of the iconic Magic City sign provided a great opportunity for our company, BL Harbert International, to support the Rotary Club, as well as honor the citizens of Birmingham.”

“By donating a replica of the iconic sign that once welcomed visitors to the Magic City, we want to remember not only remember the storied heritage of Birmingham’s terminal station, but also provide a new gateway to honor the future of Birmingham.  Several companies came together to make this dream a reality and BL Harbert is honored to have led the effort,” stated Rein. 

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