Mercedes-Benz Parts Consolidation Center

Vance, Alabama

The Mercedes-Benz Parts Consolidation is a 935,000-square-foot facility that supports the Mercedes C-Class expansion efforts, including production of the redesigned 2015 C-Class, their best-selling model series.

The Perfect Plan
Awarded with only a 10-month schedule, this design-build project was planned and delivered on time utilizing a zero-float schedule. The BL Harbert team managed this project with a unique approach to schedule, safety, quality control, owner coordination, subcontractor coordination, and internal management in order to exceed the expectations of this world-class client. The Logistics Center handles approximately 2.9 million parts per day and employs 600 people; it streamlines Mercedes’ logistics operations and supports the receiving, handling, and sequencing of parts for the M-Class and GL-Class SUVs, R-Class crossover, and C-Class sedan currently in production. With only 10 months from groundbreaking to ribbon cutting, this project was delivered quickly but without compromise to safety, quality, or the client’s ultimate vision.


Innovative Approach
A significant factor that helped us maintain the schedule was the use of a helicopter to install the rooftop air handlers. What would have taken a 400-ton crane seven days to complete, BL Harbert performed with one helicopter, setting 18 units in 115 minutes.

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