U.S. Embassy Compound

Lusaka, Zambia

The campus consists of a three-story Chancery Building, two-story Marine Security Guard Quarters, Utility Building, and Warehouse / General Service Office.

Site Improvements include paved pedestrian walk ways, paved roads, full automated irrigation system (Water from the WWTP used), staff garden, parking areas, representational plaza, covered parking structures, fuel dispensing stations, compound lighting, and storm water management system.

LEED was fully implemented during the design and construction of the site. Campus signage has been installed to identify the LEED applications that were designed into the site. Site open space is equal to 60% of the site area, and most of the construction waste from the site was recycled locally.

Construction equipment is Zambia is not as readily available as it is in the U.S. and other countries around the world. In addition, the construction equipment that is available in Zambia is typically unsafe and unreliable. To overcome this challenge, BLHI imported and exported multiple pieces of equipment to ensure the project would be completed on time. Imported equipment included: Two 50m tower cranes, a concrete batch plant, four concrete transit / mixer trucks, rebar fabrication equipment, a backhoe / loader, a skidsteer, two telescopic material handlers, a 50 ton mobile crane, and a QC lab. Though shipping this equipment can be expensive and difficult, having safe dependable equipment on the project was, without question, worth the effort. Some of this equipment was even used for work to upgrade the neighborhood surrounding the project site. BLHI provided two kilometers of paved roadway and drainage culverts paved with local stone.

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