Visiting Quarters Lodging Facility

Tyndall Air Force Base, FL

Design and construction of a five-story, 216,000-square-foot hotel.

The new facility houses 360 guestrooms with guest services on the ground floor which include administrative services, business center, fitness area,  guest laundry and a lobby restaurant. Training rooms are located on the second floor. Floor support areas for the guestrooms are provided throughout the five floors.

Parking is provided adjacent to the building with short-term check-in parking near the main entrance. To the west of the lodging building is an approximately 2,800-square-foot mechanical equipment building with adjacent cooling tower yard.

The project includes all utilities, site improvements, foundations, pavements, detection/protection features, security enhancements and other supporting work necessary to make a complete and usable facility.

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Mike Waller

Senior Vice President, Federal Division Manager

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