BL Harbert’s procurement capabilities are unmatched in the construction industry. Through a closed-loop approach, our procurement specialists handle all material and equipment purchasing for each international project. These individuals are responsible for vendor negotiations and confirmation of materials ordered. Working closely with our Engineering Department, our procurement specialists are able to order critical materials as fast as project design development allows to ensure no schedule delays result.


Getting materials and equipment to remote locations requires a concerted effort.  BL Harbert understands the unique challenges presented logistically, and has developed strong relationships with freight carriers and clearing agents worldwide to develop the best freight routing for each project. Timely and safe delivery of materials and equipment is paramount.

Material Control

While most firms rely on third-party logistical operations, BL Harbert maintains our own Consolidated Receiving Point (CRP) in Birmingham, Alabama, where all materials and equipment arrive before being sent to the project site. This facility allows our procurement specialists and engineers to review each delivery for compliance with the project specifications as well as inspect it for damage. Once items are confirmed to meet project specifications, they are repackaged for delivery to the project site.

Our proprietary material management software is used to track the materials in detail from the time they are ordered through delivery to our CRP, and then to the time they are received on site, ensuring continuous tracking of materials at every step.

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