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Field Engineer - Nashville, TN

The Field Engineer’s responsibility is to make exact measurements and determine property boundaries. Provide data relevant to the shape, contour, gravitation, location, or dimension of land or land features on or near the earth’s surface for engineering, map making, mining, land elevation, construction, and other purposes. Responsible for layout of roads, land, utility lines, dredging, mechanical assemblies, and structures.

Location City
State or Region
Job Duties & Responsibilities:
  • Locate boundaries of land and roads.
  • Establish elevations for grading of land, roads, utilities, and building floors.
  • Layout grid lines for others to construct foundations, locate columns, and layout walls.
  • Operate transits, levels, robotic instruments, and total stations.
  • Layout and monitor locations and structural members.
  • Layout lines for concrete formwork to be constructed.
  • Layout of underground utilities such as storm drainage and water lines.
  • Responsible maintaining a record of as built conditions for structures, roads, and assemblies.
  • Work closely with Superintendents, Foreman, Carpenters, and Iron Workers.
Qualifications and Experience:
  • 3-5 years’ experience as a Field Engineer.
  • Structural experience is preferred.
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