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Sheet Metal Mechanic - Huntsville, AL Huntsville , AL, USA

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B.L. Harbert International is currently seeking an HVAC Sheet Metal Worker for the Huntsville area.


General Summary of Duties: Responsible for installing heating, air conditioning, and grease duct work and associated equipment.


  • Select appropriate type of sheet metal, such galvanized iron, copper, steel, aluminum per project specifications and SMACNA standards.
  • Field measure ductwork layout and produce sheet metal fitting sketches. Communicate field measurements with fabrication shop in a clear and concise manner.
  • Coordinate ductwork with other trades to avoid collisions and rework.
  • Cut into shapes to be used in heating and air conditioning ducts.
  • Interpret blueprints to decide where ducts will go.
  • Bend ducts to form shapes.
  • Drill holes into ducts to bolt together.
  • Weld, solder, or rivet ducts together.
  • Smooth over rough edges with file.
  • Install ready-made ducts.
  • Install HVAC equipment and supportive framework.
  • Inspect HVAC equipment and installation for conformance to specifications.
  • Coordinate schedules.
  • Analyze and resolve work problems.
  • Must be able to operate in a team environment, assisting other trades as necessary.

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