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A Worldwide Focus on Safety

BL Harbert International strives to build safety into every activity, every day, on each one of our job-sites around the world. Our safety culture on-site goes far beyond compliance. Safety is about banding together to protect one another and making sure that each one of us goes home safely every night. We aim to continue developing our deeply set mission of looking out for one another. Our culture revolves around not only making safe decisions for ourselves but ensuring that the person working next to us is doing the same.

Thousands of construction workers in our company and community work to create our cities’ infrastructure that is valued in the billions of dollars. These men and women are truly building the communities where we live, work and play – constructing embassies, bridges, hospitals, residential areas, and manufacturing facilities.

In 2018, BL Harbert was fortunate to beat our own top safety records. We celebrated our safest year and lowest incident rates in the company’s recorded history. We commend the choices our workers make each day to remain safe. Together, we can and will create a safer and stronger industry for ourselves, our colleagues, our families, and our friends. We look forward to topping our safety records yet again in 2019!

BL Harbert International enjoyed the safest year in our company’s history! With over 13 million work-hours worldwide, our company experienced the lowest incident ratings ever in 2018.

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