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Art and Nature

The walking trail and gardens around BL Harbert’s corporate office in Birmingham, Ala. now have two prominent pieces of art on display.

John Helton created the newest addition named “Recurrent Motion.” In his description of the sculpture, he stated the bronze sculpture contemplates the rhythm and patterns of movement occurring in Nature. An example is the seemingly random movements of water moving over rocks in a stream, but when focusing on a single point in the current of water, there is a repetition and pattern of the movement. He imagines similar patterns occurring in weather, gravity, magnetic forces, or anything in motion. This sculpture, made up of eight identical pieces, conveys repetition arranged to create an overall form that is both dynamic and fluid, while at the same time, balanced and cohesive. The sculpture sits lightly on the base to give the impression that it is floating and is currently in motion.

The first sculpture, created by Lorenzo Quinn, was put in place in 2016. Aptly named, Quinn’s Volare, Freedom to take Flight sculpture expresses Freedom. Freedom to open one’s arms and feel the unabated expression of happiness flowing through every pore of your fingers.


If you live or work around our corporate office, or are simply site-seeing in Birmingham, come by for a visit. These sculptures are outdoors along the walking trail outside of the building. Take the time to walk this short trail and enjoy the connection between art and nature. As the weather cools off this fall, it is a perfect time to take a moment and appreciate the beauty of art and nature.

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