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Building Legacies That Last

When you work in construction, building is a part of everyday life.

Beyond building physical buildings that serve a purpose and stand the test of time, BL Harbert also works hard to build legacies that last by creating a culture that permeates our daily actions and establishing principles that guide our daily decisions.

Within the company, another legacy of sorts exists – a father’s legacy.

In 2000, BL Harbert International was founded by Billy Harbert under the guidance of his late father, Bill Harbert. Though a new company, the reputation and culture of his father’s company continued. At its foundation, BL Harbert is built upon the core values of humility, respect, and trust that Bill instilled in Billy throughout his life, which has made BL Harbert the success it is today. These values have made BL Harbert such an appealing place for families. Like Bill and Billy, who worked together for years, other fathers are building their family legacies here too.

Jimmy and Trevor Shaw
Jimmy and Trevor

Jimmy Shaw is one of our Project Executives. He’s thrived at BL Harbert, and even brought his son, Trevor, a recent college grad and Assistant Project Manager to come work for the company. And there are others. The Morgans, the McPhersons… the list goes on.

On this Father’s Day, we’re reminded of the legacy that set the course of the company – a father who led by example. Billy’s father paved the way for principles and generosity that not only led to a professional passion to build but ultimately led to his personal passion for giving generously to others through philanthropy and creating a workplace where families could thrive.

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