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Father's Day

Dear Dad, Today is all about you.

We’re celebrating fathers, caretakers, the ones who raised us and taught us all we know. Because the word dad can’t be defined.

We are a company with a legacy of construction, passed down from father to son.

Children gain a love of construction and an appreciation of the world because of the lessons their fathers teach them. Today, this legacy of fathers who inspire their children to follow their footsteps in the construction field lives on. So today, we say thank you to the dads in our lives. Thanks for instilling in us a passion for construction and paving the way for generations to come.

We call ourselves the Harbert Family, because that’s exactly who we are.

This Father’s Day, we asked sons and daughters what their dads taught them about the industry and how their perspective grew them into who they are today. We believe that sharing the passion of construction and careers with children is one of the most invaluable qualities in a relationship.

“One of the biggest things my dad has taught me is that respect and trust are the foundations for everything.  Another value he exemplifies is that your word is your bond, and you should always deliver on the promises you make, no matter how big or small.   He has also taught me that no job or position is ever too low to take; always be willing to do what is asked of you and then some; and if you see something that needs to be done, jump in and do it, even if your hands get dirty.  There have been many times I have seen him do just that, and it makes me proud to have the honor of calling Sam Gibbs my dad.” –Beth Gibbs, Proposal Coordinator regarding her father, Sam Gibbs, Project Superintendent.

“It makes me proud to see that the great reputation that Dad earned throughout his career still lives on, even past retirement.  I still get “street cred” from being Ricky White’s son.  As a father of two great boys, my hope is that they will be able to say the same of me some day.” –Zac White, Project Executive, regarding his dad, Rick White, Vice President who retired from BLHI in 2015.

“One of the qualities my father has that stands out to me the most is the amount of diligence he has in his work and anything that he is passionate about. Seeing the amount of effort he has given to get to where he is now, I would say that he inspires me to work harder every day and to be confident in what I do. He’s always guided me when I needed help, and the advice he’s given me has helped me in some ways to improve myself, especially my education and career path. He’s also supported decisions I’ve made for myself, for which I am thankful. Knowing that I am given this amount of love by my parents makes the process of becoming an actual adult less difficult.” –Abrielle Abraham, Receiving Administration Assistant of her Father, Argee Abraham, Material Control Manager.

“My dad has been my role model since day one. Growing up, he always taught me to work hard and to never give up on anything. We have had our differences like any father and son, but somehow he always ends up being right… I am starting to realize this more and more as I get older and I have learned to always take his advice, even if I do not always agree with it. Three of our favorite things to do while I was growing up consisted of sports, hunting, and fishing, and this still stands today. We were always doing something that involved one of the three, whether it be practicing baseball or football, going to the hunting land for the weekend, or traveling for sports. I have always looked up to my dad and he continues to be my role model to this day. I could not ask for a better dad/teacher and am very blessed to have someone like him.” –Charlie Mcpherson, Assistant Project Manager of his dad, Chuck McPherson, Operations Manager.

“Rick is full of good advice but something he preached to me early on was to make sure I always had my priorities in line: God, Wife, and children. He said if life got hectic and things weren’t going right to look at your priorities and make sure you had them in the correct order.”  – Keith Nesmith, Fabrication Shop Facility Manager of his Father-in-law, Rick White, retired from BLHI.

“My father always impressed me with how hard of a worker he is.  Even today, he puts all of his effort into the volunteer activities that he is doing.” –Nick Agnew, Project Engineer of his father, Eric Agnew, retired Senior Vice Preseident.

“Rick is the most faithful, disciplined, selfless, family man I have ever met.  He has certainly set the bar high.  I am lucky to know him and to be a part of his family.” –Adam Stacy, Regional Manager of his Father-in-Law, Rick White.

As we mentioned, we call ourselves the BL Harbert Family, because that’s exactly who we are.

Happy Father’s Day from BL Harbert International!

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