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Perspective | Safety Tips for Your Spring Break Trips

As an industry leader in safety, we at BL Harbert International want to ensure that you are safe on our jobsites, as well as in the workplace. Therefore, as spring break is kicking off, we are promoting safety reminders for your travels. This #perspective blog post is brought to you by professionals, who have six major topics for you to remember as you travel this spring.


Are you driving long distances this Spring Break?

  • Remember to take turns behind the wheel. Rotating drivers allows for everyone to be rested throughout the duration of your drive.
  • Make sure you have your valid driver’s license, registration and proof of insurance before you depart on your trip.
  • Bring a map and/or a phone charger. These days we rely on always having a charged battery and cell phone service; however, in an unfamiliar place, this may not be the case. Be prepared.
  • Most importantly, wear your seat belt and follow all traffic laws. Laws are in place to keep you and others safe. Minimize all distractions and follow the speed limit.


Are you staying in a hotel this Spring Break?

  • Upon your arrival and during your stay, use discretion when communicating about your room number. No one but your group should know your exact location.
  • During check-in, request a room above the first floor, but below the sixth floor. The first-floor rooms are easier to break into, but anything above the sixth floor could be challenging for fire ladders to reach, in the unlikely event of a fire.
  • Utilize the safe in your room for your valuable objects!


Will you utilize taxis or ride sharing services this Spring Break?

  • All proper taxis will have an ID or badge. Remember to check for this before accepting a ride.
  • Calling a taxi is a better bet than hailing one. At the airport, always use approved taxi services. Remember to negotiate a rate before getting in the car. In some countries, taxis do not utilize meters, so the rate could be unknown up front.
  • When using Uber or Lyft, you will see the driver’s name, license plate number, and photo on your phone when you request the ride. Check for a match when your ride arrives to be sure you are getting in the right car.
  • If you feel uncomfortable, do not get in the car. Stay alert during any ride to ensure you are going to your destination.


Will you be in the sun or water this Spring Break?

  • Make sure you utilize a sunscreen suitable for your skin. Dermatologists recommend an SPF 30 at the very least and reapply often.
  • Be cautious of sun exposure during the hours when UV rays are the most intense (between 10AM and 4PM), and remember you can burn, even when it is overcast. A bad sunburn can ruin your trip!
  • Know the flag system for water safety:
    • Red Flag: Stay out of the water because of strong undertow and riptides.
    • Yellow Flag: Use CAUTION in the water. There are some undertow and riptides possible.
    • Blue Flag: Calm water. Swim safely.
  • Be mindful of lifeguards and undertow. The most experienced swimmers can even get caught.
  • In any body of water, use caution when diving. Do not dive if you are not certain of the depth of the water.
  • Stay hydrated! Keep a bottle of water with you. If you feel faint at any point, seek shade or air conditioning.


Are you traveling abroad this Spring Break?

  • Do your research beforehand to ensure you have all of the proper documentation and vaccinations to get in and out of the country (ies).
  • Make sure you have a backup form of identification, and if you have a secondary safe spot, bring a photocopy of your passport.
  • Speak with your cell phone provider and credit card companies to let them know of your foreign travels, and ask if there are any special requirements during your stay.
  • Memorize the local equivalent to 911 in case of an emergency.
  • Always inform a family member or friend back home of your location, plans and ways to contact you.


As a final reminder, be cautious of what you post on social media. When you are gone, your home might not be protected. Invest in a home security system. Be sure to inform trustworthy neighbors that you are out of town and to report suspicious activity.

BL Harbert International wishes you and your family a safe and happy spring break! We look forward to hearing about your travels. #Perspective

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