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Project In the News: Atlanta’s Newest Public Art Piece Flies High Above West Midtown Atlanta

Atlanta’s latest public art piece, “From the Ground Up,” a thought-provoking, six-story mural, was unveiled today in West Midtown. Featured on 8West, “From the Ground Up,” designed by internationally renowned artist, Craig Alan, depicts a phoenix rising out of the ashes to reflect Atlanta’s historical relationship with the mythological representation of new life and honor the community’s rich, artistic authenticity.

Mirroring Atlanta from the Ashes, a depiction of the city’s rise from the ashes of the Civil War to become a world city, “From the Ground Up” embodies Atlanta’s rebuilding amidst the nation’s current civil unrest and its fight to unite against the coronavirus pandemic. The piece is also further revolutionizing and showcasing West Midtown’s vibrant, multicultural scene. Seen as one of Atlanta’s boldest neighborhoods, the district celebrates the innovative and industrial charms where railroad and manufacturing interests once thrived.

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