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Protective Stadium Recently Completed

Located in the thriving Uptown Entertainment District in Birmingham, Alabama, the Protective Stadium was completed in September. BL Harbert served as the Construction Manager on this monumental project. We oversaw the tying of 3.7 million pounds of rebar and the placement of 26,000 cubic yards of concrete (enough to fill nearly eight Olympic-size swimming pools) and 150,000 square feet of elevated concrete. We also managed the hanging of 160,000 feet of conduit and the installation of 14,600 feet of pipe and 31,000 linear feet of concrete seating.


The stadium was designed with the fan experience in mind. When entering the stadium at the concourse level, fans can see the field at all times, whether they are in the seats, the club boxes, or on the concourse itself.


UAB Blazer’s Football team held their first game in the stadium on October 2nd against Liberty University. Additionally, the new Protective Stadium will host the 2022 World Games in July.

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