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Safety in Action | Prevention through design

Safety Week 2017

In recognition of Safety Week 2017, we’d like to share a best safety practice story sent to us by Ryan Allen, Safety Manager. Our team on the Project PGT site in Ellisville, Mississippi recognized a potential safety hazard in a complex rigging / hoisting challenge and engineered a safe and productive solution to move forward. Frankie Williams and Don Silcox designed and fabricated lifting lugs for their crew to use during the erection of the high bay steel columns. Once the bolt pattern and ideas were set, all information was sent to an engineering firm and the lugs were rated, drawn up and stamped. Once stamped, the project team was able to label and proof test them onsite prior to use.

The reasoning behind taking the time to have these made onsite is so they can match the exact bolt pattern used by the two main column types. This allows the crews to connect and fly the columns vertical with the use of the lugs as opposed to slanted via the traditional methods. The lugs attach at each connection point at the top of the column and are designed to fly the column exactly vertical. This process is made more efficient and safer by eliminating the possibility of the base plate becoming hung when attempting to set the columns on the anchor bolts. The possibility of smashed fingers due to rapidly released steel is also greatly reduced.

Though there were a few extra steps needed (engineering and proof testing) this was a small price to pay in order to take initiative to reduce injuries while increasing production efficiency. “This type of thoughtful preplanning and cooperation between safety and production clearly returns tremendous results. It is a testament to how BL Harbert empowers our workforce to treat safety as the most important part of their job,” said Frank Wampol, Vice President, Safety and Health.

Well done team!

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