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Technology in Construction: Tablets and Smartphones in the Field

These portable devices became game changers in 2012 for communicating information in the field, allowing project managers and superintendents to easily carry around drawings, field documentation, and other relevant information on the small portable device.

And although we hate the constant bother, smartphones have allowed us access to email, the ability to research while on the project, and collaborate with team members across the world through the use of programs like WebEx. Also having the ability to take and share pictures with ease has greatly increased our productivity and streamlined our problem-solving.

Prior to tablets and smartphones, we relied on traditional phones, preceded by Nextel walkie talkies, then Blackberries.

*This is part of an on-going series celebrating the advancements of Technology in Construction as part of our 20th Anniversary celebration. Check back next week for our next installment on robotic survey equipment.



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