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The Fourth Quarter

The Fourth Quarter… seems every football team holds up four fingers as the 3rd quarter clock strikes zero.

Fourth Quarter physical conditioning programs are a part of every team’s preparation. Why? Because the challenge is not over when Q4 begins. Many would argue the most critical time has only begun.

Yet construction companies often find themselves struggling during Q4 of the calendar year with work-related injuries hitting a spike during these months.

Not unlike in football, focusing on the fundamentals is critical to a successful Fourth Quarter:

  • Effective safety training completed in a timely manner
  • 100% site safety orientations
  • Pre-planning hazardous tasks (AHA)
  • Safety Action Item list reviewed
  • Effective JSA and Safety Meetings
  • Walk the walk… All managers must set the example

The 2019 Fourth Quarter is underway… Let’s finish strong!

BLHI Safety – Every Day, Every Task, Everywhere.


Frank Wampol, BL Harbert Safety Director

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