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Unbreakable Bonds

After 7 years in Islamabad together, a project team grew into a family

At the completion of ISB Phase II, each person received a certificate of appreciation and a USA flag that was flown over the U.S. Embassy in Islamabad. The award was presented by the Assistant Ambassador and OBO Construction Manager. The team received this award for having worked diligently and professionally in bringing the monumental project to completion.

“With the Project coming to a close, I now see that we did more than just build an Embassy in Pakistan. We took a group of people who, 6+ years ago who had limited English skills, minimal knowledge of safety and usually only general knowledge of their trade and now what’s rewarding is seeing these same men at the completion of the Project. They now leave with English skills, safety awareness and are now highly marketable in their field. They will carry this with them to make a better life for their families and community.”- Billy Packer

“I feel this is more than just a project; it’s more like a second home. The privilege we received from the Islamabad project is great. I learned different jobs during phases 1, 2 & 3. I’m also very glad to have been able to organize charity work on behalf of BLHI, individual BLHI employees, and OBO.” – Su Aung

“It was a humbling honor and exciting recognition. To me, this award is a symbol of hard work. It was a great achievement that was nurtured with the cooperation of many minds with a common vision. We were working towards a common goal.” – Christine Bahairwe

“To be recognized for your efforts by such an outstanding OBO group is an honor that is difficult to describe. To be standing in this group of talented men and women of ISB, who gave so much of themselves, is extremely humbling. The award itself is very special. The folded American Flag was flown over the American Embassy in Pakistan and it represents so much to me personally and professionally. The case was made from scraps of the gym floor of the REC. We all leave a part of ourselves on these projects, this award gave a little part of the project to take with us.” – Jesse Wood

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