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Valentine's Day Special: Wedding at Work

Happy Valentine’s Day from your friends at BL Harbert International! In our industry, it’s challenging to tie construction and this holiday together, but today we have a perfect love story for you!

Have you ever heard about a planned wedding at a destination while the resort is under construction? Perhaps construction is delayed; and the most perfect and anticipated day could go astray due to equipment, noises and a ‘pardon our progress’ mentality. In our industry, we understand that delays come from a variety of circumstances that may or may not be in our control. However, a bride may not understand. Can you imagine the online reviews, disappointed families and customer service nightmare this would cause?

Although there were no delays, a destination change to a beautiful island and ongoing construction work only encouraged this couple to say their vows on…yep, you guessed it, our active construction site.

We want you to meet one of our very own, Tommy. He is an Area Superintendent on the Timbers Kauai Development in Hawaii. In 2010, Tommy met CJ in Mississippi. He was working as a superintendent on a nearby job site and frequented a local restaurant where she was the manager. Over the course of a year, Tommy and CJ became friends and eventually began dating.

In 2016, about six years later, Tommy and CJ spent the Fourth of July together on Padre Island. He proposed to her on the beach, and the wedding planning began.

Bride-to-be CJ

An Alaskan cruise seemed ideal for the couple to exchange their vows. However, Tommy received an opportunity to work for BL Harbert International in Hawaii, and wedding plans were delayed.

In July, CJ went to Hawaii to visit Tommy on the anniversary of their engagement. Tommy planned excursions, tours and adventures to show her the beauty of Kauai. During the trip, he began persuading her that the island would be a beautiful place to get married. It was not an easy task, but CJ came around and agreed to get married in Hawaii!

Elated with the news, Tommy headed back to work to tell the team. Managers from our partner teams insisted on hosting the wedding onsite. They felt this was an opportunity to organize a marketing campaign for the resort as the very first wedding – a wedding that just happened to feature the construction superintendent.

As the details came together, it was suggested that another of the superintendents should officiate the ceremony.

All the details – inclusive of Tommy’s hardhat! 

With no hesitation, another superintendent graciously agreed to marry Tommy and CJ and quickly became an ordained minister, registering in the state of Hawaii.

Our teams went to work preparing the observation deck for the ceremony, making all the arrangements for the wedding décor, and securing food and flowers for the reception. The wedding went off without a hitch thanks to an amazing couple and a team who is truly a family.

According to Tommy, “It was truly a beautiful and amazing event; CJ and I are deeply grateful to the whole team for its outstanding efforts to make our wedding a day we will cherish forever.”

PPE required

That Alaskan cruise is back on the agenda, as Tommy and CJ plan to honeymoon in the near future!

Join us in congratulating and wishing a happy Valentine’s Day to the happy couple!


A wonderful team!


This is a #Perspective blog post brought to you by BL Harbert International.

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