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Women in Construction Week

Meet Sara R.


Sara has been with BL Harbert International for four years now and is currently in a new role, working as a BIM Coordinator. Previously, she has been assigned to the Darla Moore School of Business, the Vestavia Hills City Hall, Mercedes-Benz and GE Badge, just to name a few, as an Assistant Project Manager or as a Co-Operative Student, enrolled in the TEAM Harbert program.
As a matter of fact, Sara was our first ever recipient of the Gary W. Savage Scholarship, which is awarded to one Co-Op or Intern student per semester. She is a hard worker and confident in her work. Sara isn’t afraid of challenge and enjoys learning on-site and in the office.

We sat down Sara to learn more about how she became interested in construction and her point of view as a woman in the industry.

Q: What does your typical day entail?

A: Honestly, there is no typical day in my opinion. Every day is different, bringing its own responsibilities and challenges, which is one of the reasons I thoroughly enjoy the industry. Some days can be spent 90% on the job site and others can be spent 90% at a desk. You may be working with subcontractors, engineers, architects or owners. You may be dealing with cost, schedule, procurement, coordination or safety. The list goes on. It keeps your career interesting.

Q: When did you know you wanted to be in construction?

A: I was studying Civil Engineering and wasn’t sure where I wanted to go or what I wanted to do. I had a specific interest in buildings and liked the idea of witnessing a transformation of a 2D plan to the final product. A Co-op position seemed like the route to take in order to gain experience and figure things out. The people I was surrounded by during my time as a Co-Op student quickly helped me find my way and embrace my role as a woman in construction. It didn’t take long to realize both construction and Harbert were the perfect fit for me.

Q: What is your favorite thing about the construction industry?

A: My favorite thing about construction is that it has endless opportunities. Opportunities to grow professionally and personally. Opportunities to travel and experience new things. Opportunities to learn something new every day.

Q: Why is BLHI a good company for women in the industry?

A: BLHI is a good company for women in the industry because BLHI is a good company period. BL Harbert is a workplace, but it is also a community. The people sitting next to you are your co-workers, but they are also your family. Every employee is valued and cared for here. This is especially valuable as a woman in the industry because while you may be one of few at times, you never are never out of place.


Thanks to Sara for sitting down and sharing with us and thanks to our readers for your interest. Happy Women in Construction Week and Happy International Women’s Day!

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