Alabama School of Fine Arts | Dorothy Jemison Day Theater

Birmingham, Alabama

The 19,212-square-foot multi-purpose performing arts facility was designed and constructed to support the theatre, dance, and music programs. This 500-seat theatre consists of a fully rigged stage house, state-of-the-art performance system, a 40 x 80 foot stage, a 50 musician orchestra pit and is equipped with the latest technical and acoustic technology.

This is no ordinary theater—it is the most state-of-the-art venue with up-to-the minute technology that is taking the theater program at ASFA to new heights. It took donors and school officials 7 years to raise the money to build this theater; it was designed by a team of professionals, some of whom came down from New York City, to consult with Live Design Group on every last detail from the acoustic structure to the sophisticated lighting and sound system. Everything from the underground hydraulic stage lift to the acoustical wall tiles to the exact placement of all the dimming bulbs and intricate wiring—it was all up to our team to understand the relationship between design and construction, and to then get it right the first time.

With construction being an inherently dangerous industry, we not only had to ensure the safety of our workers but also the safety of the students, faculty, visitors, and parents through varied means: clear signage and wayfinding; ongoing communications with school officials about what parts of the building were off-limits; installation of temporary walkways; making sure no curious person could slip past the boundaries; working around traffic and parking areas to move materials methodically and with strict supervision. Students were attending classes without realizing a crane was hovering over the building, gingerly lowering heavy equipment and highly engineered components into the work area. This was not a project where safety could be ignored even for one moment.


A Word from the Architect

They were attentive in an extremely congested work environment to the safety of their own employees and to the safety and environment of the students and staff that occupied the adjacent building. As an architect, we really appreciate when a general contractor like B.L. Harbert works with us and the owner as a team, with open and thorough communication. –Jeff Quinn, Principal Architect | Live Design Group, PC

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