Fairforest Wastewater Treatment Plant

Spartanburg, South Carolina

This two-phase project includes the modification of existing facilities as well as the construction of new water treatment basins, clarifiers, pumps, and supporting structures.

Phase I required the construction of the new Aeration Basin Number 4, Secondary Clarifiers Numbers 4 and 5, Scum Pump Station Number 1, Chlorine Contact Chamber, Post Aeration Basin, Effluent Structure, Chlorine and Sulfur Dioxide Buildings, SCADA System and installation of all associated piping.  Phase II included the modifications to existing Aeration Basins Numbers 2 and 3, Secondary Clarifiers Numbers 1, 2 and 3, RAS/WAS Pumping Station, Blower Building, as well as all final sitework.

Each phase of construction had existing structures which had to be demolished, new facilities and equipment to be constructed, and all new equipment was required to be operationally tested before the next phase could be started. Accordingly, all other existing facilities remained fully operational until their replacement was ready. In many cases, temporary electrical service was provided for both the old and new facilities to operate simultaneously. The desired plant operation capability met the needs of the client with no disruption of the existing facilities while minimizing delays in completion of the work.

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