Gilbert Advanced Manufacturing Facility

Huntsville, Alabama

The Gilbert Advanced Manufacturing Facility is a 68,143-square-foot, one-story Electronic Assembly Facility as well as a 20,565-square-foot high and low bay addition to the existing R&D Facility.

The Electronic Assembly Facility (named the Dr. Stephen M. Gilbert Advanced Manufacturing Facility) and R&D Addition were added to the existing Dynetics Huntsville campus as part of the company’s growing demands. Government and industry customers can now complete final assembly and testing for a wide variety of Dynetics products from small system components to full weapon systems. The new facility adds 78,000 square feet for large advanced manufacturing and assembly with more than 200 employees. It will now increase the current production volume and offer classified manufacturing.


The new facility houses more than 200 Dynetics engineers, technicians, and machinists offering a high mix/low volume production line. Employees will build and assemble components and end-to-end systems.

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