Pilot Medical Center

Birmingham, Alabama

BL Harbert constructed the core and shell of this medical office building, as well as the individual tenant suites for Pilot Medical Center. The facility is a three-story, 60,000-square-foot building with premium entrance, lobby, corridor, and restroom finishes. The tenants included Birmingham Heart Clinic, along with obstetrics, gastrointestinal, pulmonary and radiology practices. The building contains lead-shielded X-ray rooms, CT scanners, MRI facilities and a fully-equipped medical laboratory.

Core and Shell

The construction of Pilot Medical Center consisted of high quality materials that exceed the expectations and requirements of a typical medical office building, while maintaining the technology and functionality required by the premier medical practices it supports.  The design intent was a  compliment the surrounding geographical beauty using natural resources including dry stacked stone and earth tone masonry materials.  Interior construction also captures the facility’s natural theme by incorporating finishes such as travertine flooring, cherry veneer, dry stacked stone accents and earth-tone colors.

Tenant Build-Out

The tenant suites include some of the industry’s most technologically advanced diagnostics systems including a MRI, CT Scan, X-Ray and nuclear cameras.  These systems required extensive utility services including RF Shielding and dedicated HVAC systems.  The phasing of the tenant suites were strategically planned to accommodate the operations of the tenant and their operations. 

Interesting Fact During Construction
The back side of the medical office building was constructed 12 feet from a natural woodland.  This required extensive planning and effort to safely construct the exterior veneer without disturbing the natural areas.  The strategic staging of scaffolding, material and equipment was critical to the project’s success and required a high level of attention by our entire team.

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