Rotary Wing Center Headquarters & Hangar Facility

Redstone Arsenal, Alabama

Design-build of a 126,000-square-foot hangar/administration/shop facility and a 37,500-square-foot headquarters office building designed to the requirements of the Redstone Test Center.

The facility serves as the central test center for rotary wing aircraft for the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, and includes administrative areas, aviation operations, testing areas, parts storage and technology shops co-located within one facility.  The project aligned the operations of three separate testing facilities in order to manage all aircraft testing for this division out of Redstone Arsenal under the Defense Base Closure and Realignment (BRAC) decision.

This project presented the design-build team with multiple challenges including a tight budget, and undeveloped site requiring new utilities, a variable and sloping site, and an aggressive schedule.  This was in addition to the highly-technical requirements implemented into the construction required to build a facility for training, maintenance, and repair for rotary wing aircraft.

Working adjacent to an existing airfield also required careful planning and coordination with the airfield tower to avoid potential hazards dealing with aircraft jet blast and wing span as they approached and departed the runway.  Safety and clear zones (212 feet from the runway) were established and any work that took place within the clear zone was communicated with the airfield personnel and the USACE.

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