Shades Mountain Filter Plant

Vestavia, Alabama

The objective of the Phase II Upgrade Project at the Shades Mountain Filter Plant was to increase the water storage capacity of the plant by 600 percent while consolidating pumping operations and upgrading electrical systems for the entire plant.

Our contract added two 6,000,000-gallon pre-stressed concrete clearwells, a transfer pump station, a finished water pump station, a new electrical building, and a new lime treatment facility. This project also added approximately 7,000-linear-feet of large diameter ductile iron pipe ranging from 24-inches to 60-inches in diameter. The new pipe tied into the existing lines of the system in 19 different locations. A majority of the existing lines were between 50- and 100-years-old, and required connection via custom fittings to tie ductile iron pipe to cast iron lines and concrete cylinder pipe with no existing means to stop the current flow. Different methods were utilized to temporarily stop the flow to allow the tie-ins to occur. In some cases, line stops were utilized to facilitate this, while other cases required divers to be sent into the existing operating clearwell to plug the lines exiting the clearwell. The increased storage capacity this project provides allowed the plant to meet Alabama Department of Environmental Management requirements for chlorine contact time.

Additional Pumps

A total of sixteen horizontal split case pumps and three vertical turbine pumps were added to the plant that replaced the older pumps that were spread throughout the campus.

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