The Lucian

Alys Beach, Florida

Located at the beautiful Alys Beach, the Lucian stands four stories tall, with an enclosed parking garage beneath. There are eight residences, divided among one-, two-, and three bedroom suites, all with porches and extensive views east to the Amphitheater and south to the Gulf beyond.

The architecture is white stucco walls and piers divided by stained wood porches and balconies which blends with traditional Alys aesthetics. A civic-scaled first floor, with an attached southern terrace, will accommodate retail/commercial activity and establish the standard for Alys Beach’s permanent Town Center as it builds out in the years to come.

History of The Lucian

“In 1925, the unoccupied land that is now Alys Beach was given by the Federal Government to Lucian May as a homestead, upon which he planted orchards, raised livestock, and felled timber. It is in honor of the man who first civilized this stretch of beach and called it home that we have named our first Town Center building, The Lucian, a condominium.’

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