U.S. Consulate Compound

Karachi, Pakistan

Faced with multiple challenges, ranging from devastating floods to rioting, BL Harbert International maintained a consistent construction schedule for the U.S. Consulate Compound in Karachi to move steadily toward completion.

New structures for the compound include two Utility buildings, a Warehouse/Shops area, and a state-of-the-art Chancery building.  Most structures are designed with ballistics- and blast-rated walls, glazing, doors, and roof decks.  BL Harbert International incorporated several sustainable design features into the compound, earning the facility LEED Silver certification.  This was the first facility in Pakistan to be awarded LEED certification.

On several occasions, site personnel dealt with such events as monsoon rains which turned the city streets into canals, massive rioting, terrorist attacks, religious protests, and city-wide labor strikes, all of which shut businesses and transportation down.  Despite having limited access to the local markets and a fraction of the labor force present on the jobsite during these turbulent events, BLHI continued moving forward utilizing all available resources.  As a result, there was never a shut-down period at any time throughout the duration of construction.

The BLHI team was able to bring the project to completion, under budget, and on time using a modified schedule despite the numerous challenges faced.

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