U.S. Embassy Compound

Vientiane, Laos

Design-build of a U.S. Embassy Compound consisting of a 90,760-square-foot, Office Building, Utility Building and Recreational Facility located on the existing Administration Compound. BL Harbert International is also responsible for a parking structure, as well as secure areas totaling 5,400 square feet.

The first phase of the Vientiane NEC includes four primary structures and a variety of support structures. The entire compound is secured by a perimeter fence/wall system that still facilitates the viewing of the compound.  The primary structures include the Chancery building, a Marine Security Guard Residence, a parking garage, and a Utility Building.  The project has two large canopy structures that cover and shade the entrance walkways from the entry points to the Chancery Building.  In addition, three large ponds were designed into the compound to circulate water around the site and provide for additional stormwater storage during rain events.  Phase 1 was completed on schedule and within budget in October 2014.

The second phase includes a remodel of the existing embassy compound located in downtown Vientiane. The old Administration and Powerhouse Buildings were demolished to make room for a new Recreation Building and swimming pool.  In addition, the existing consular building was renovated to become the new American Center for public outreach and events; it will include a new multi-purpose room and Information Resource Center.  This phase was completed in September 2015 on schedule and within budget.


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