At BL Harbert, we offer more than a typical Co-Op experience. From day one, you are treated as an equal member of the team and given important tasks, not just busywork. Throughout your time in the program, you’ll have the opportunity to try different things and find out what you like to do best, all the while building your resume and preparing you with the experience you’ll need to get a job when you graduate.


1. What makes you different from others (competitors)?

At BL Harbert, your internship is much more than a job. It’s an opportunity to launch a career. Here, you won’t just be making coffee runs – you’ll be a vital part of the team.

Many of our competitors place several Co-Ops on the same jobsite. While there’s nothing wrong with this, we believe in placing just one Co-Op to allow you to gain the most experience possible. As the only Co-Op, you’ll be given important tasks that directly impact the success of the project. We’ll empower you to make important decisions and “get your hands dirty” in the process. This hands-on approach not only makes your experience more fun, but we’ve also found that it prepares you better for a full-time career in construction.

2. After I submit my resume, what is the next step?

We’ll review your resume and be in touch.

3. How many of your Co-Ops go on to get full-time job offers from you?

On average, 90% of our entry-level salaried hires come from our Co-Op/Intern Program. That’s a statistic to think about. Imagine graduating from college and not only knowing what your career looks like but having a team behind you to help you succeed.

4. I still have some questions that I need answers to. How can I get in touch?

You can always send questions related to the recruitment process to our Recruiter, Blake Toole.